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Some Proposals:
Blinnenhorn 3374 (Aosta Valley)
Gran Tournalin 2770 mt (Aosta Valley)
Dislcaimer: for these climbs no mountaineering equipment is necessary but their feasibility strongly depends on the seasonal condition (or of a given period) of the itinerary.

sky hiking

Excursions in the "Sky"
If you feel like a well trained and ambitious experienced trekker, but you have never dared to push yourself on the most challenging and wild hiking trails, in this section you will be able to fulfill the desire to climb some of the most remote and less frequented peaks in the Alps, always in style. hiking, but savoring the sensation of leaving conventional paths to look for the less evident traces that lead to the peaks up to 3000 meters above sea level.

Excursions in the "Sky"
-To all highly trained and experienced hikers
(NB: necessary and sufficient conditions);

- To those who want to tackle their first "4000" (with Alpine Guide) but who, before jumping into the mountaineering field, prefers to refine their preparation by following a path aimed at improving physical performance ("do a little leg" as they say ) as well as getting used to the altitude (from 2200/2300 meters of altitude it is possible to train the body in the high mountains).

- To those who want to savor the scent of the sky between the middle and high mountains

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